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Have a Problem with Pain Meds or Heroin?

Making sure you get the detox help you need....

Patients on pain meds cannot simply just stop them.  We know it is not that simple.  This is true of certain other prescribed medications as well.  We help people with opiate dependency and other addiction issues in a discreet location where your privacy is assured.  We offer many other services in the same location so it is no one’s business what we are helping you with.  

If your goal is to get off pain meds, we will work with you to structure a plan to do so over weeks, months or if necessary years.  How we approach your solution will not be the same as the next person.  You are unique.  Sometimes additional and/or alternative medication to allow safe reduction of dosage over time or other therapeutic modalities to reduce pain and withdrawal symptoms are necessary to safely transition off of pain meds or other drugs. 

When appropriate, we offer treatment with Suboxone.  Suboxone is a safe outpatient based way to deal with dependency on pain meds.  When the treatment for pain becomes worse than the disease being treated,  Make the WISE Choice!

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